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We have focused to ensure we use quality, natural materials and eco-friendly sustainable packaging. We deliberately avoided using plastics and other synthetics in our products to reduce our impact on the environment. Nature is kind to us, so we want be kind to nature.


With Merino sheep producing a new fleece every year, Merino wool is an 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre.


Our mailer bags are 100% certified compostable - commercially within 90 days and up to 120 days at home.

This means that that they will breakdown as if they were never there and can also be safely eaten by worms. This is better than being biodegradable as that simply means they only break into small micro-plastics but still contaminate the environment!

The best way to dispose of our mailer bags is to compost them at home. If you have a compost bin, cut up the bag and place them in your bin as "brown" materials. They will completely breakdown within 120 days.

If you don't have a compost bin, there are multiple ways to have to sent to a compost facility. 

Find a local composter near you here -

Alternatively, you can ask your local council about a compost bin. Many councils offer rebates to assist residents in adopting sustainable practices and reduce your organic waste.

Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper are eco-friendly and 100% made from recycled paper.

Sticker Labels

Unfortunately recycled labels are no longer available for commercial printing in Australia. Instead, we chose a supplier who source from certified well-managed forests.

Supporting Australian Businesses

Our product is proudly made in Australia. All materials including packaging are sourced from Australian owned businesses.